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Starting off the Summer Photo Tour, right! & a little dangerously…..

Whenever you are traveling from Houston/Dallas to Denver, you have two options; going the back way through Amarillo/Raton Pass or up through OKC/Kansas to I70.  Now, generally, you need to make your decision on WEATHER!  LOL.  That, was not really why I chose the Kansas route this time around, it had more to do with my van not breaking down.  I hoped the interstate would be easier on the engine (Mazda).  It has been a great little van, other than it has a pinhole in the radiator & has spit spark plugs out to the cylinder head up through the ignition coils..... yea.  

Man, we saw this storm a comin about a 100 miles away.  I was even on the phone with my wife saying, "there is a storm ahead & we are going right in..."  The storm developed very quickly & we were here at the beginning of what rambled on for the rest of the afternoon & evening.  Luckily, I trusted the bad feeling that I had & we exited I70 to avoid hail.  80 mph winds > felt that.  Tornado warning > Saw that.  

We had to go about 35 south @ 80mph to avoid this storm.  I have seen tornadoes up close, been through Hurricane Ike as well as many severe snow storms.... this was pretty epic.

Last Night’s Sunset from Spring Branch | Houston, TX

Well, it is now 4am....  Up all night working on my website, uploading pictures, changing the format, wondering what the hell am I doing, say to myself "dang I need another computer to do all this faster....."  So, the sun was sun was setting last night & it started to rain.  It was really beautiful lighting as the sun was shining through the evening shower, this picture does no justice!  I tried the wide angle lens that I have, but ended up using my old trusty Nikon 24-140 f4 that has all the bells & whistles Nikon had to offer like 6 years ago, lol.  Anyway, here's your moment of Zen!

The Sunset in Houston