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Dominique Griffin’s Pro-Debut @ Gas Monkey | Dallas, TX

It's gonna be like the 12 days of Christmas for this fight, lol. I have enough pictures for each day leading up to the fight December 1st. Gonna be funny. Haven't done a marketing campaign like this before. It wasn't planned, I just had so many good photos from the photo session, I wanted to show them all. So, I will have to be a little creative, so they don't all look the same. Looking forward to it....

Dominique Griffin

Commercial Photography

Not really stepping into a new world, here.  I have always enjoyed architectural photography.  I enjoy working with the photos in Photoshop.  Based out of the Houston area, real estate properties & designer projects are my interests.  As well as product photography.  I guess I should say, all aspects of business, photography.  Commercial Photography.

commercial photographer

Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon in Yellowstone Park

One of the many iconic photo locations in Yellowstone, the South Rim Drive of the Canyon.  Definitely, one of the spots I remember most from my early visits to the park.  The canyon is stunning, it is just a reminder of the many "looks" the park has in such a relatively small area of land.  The falls have a lookout directly above the crest of the falls.  You can see some people standing there in this photo.  It is quite the impressive site, in that particular location as well.  I did take some video, but that vantage point, I don't know if pictures really capture the power of the falls.  The river is so heavy & it is channeled even narrower at the drop.  I have never been to Niagara, so I wonder how it compares.  

I took a few different shots from various locations here.  This isn't particularly my favorite that I took, but I wanted to see the detail I got at full zoom (120mm).  I am looking forward to having my souped up computer that will be able to eat HDR's for lunch!!  Till then I am stuck on my tricycle (laptop) pedaling as fast as I can....

Lower Falls Yellowstone River

LUXE Interior + Design | Hunt Slonem – Laura Rathe Fine Art Gallery

What a day! I get a new camera (Nikon D7200) @ Houston Camera Exchange, then I came home to play with it a bit & got a text about a last minute photography gig. I literally took the first shutter release at the event. I was kinda scared to use it! It is the scenario where you take photos all night & get home to find that you have completely blown it! Haha. But, I did it anyway.

Laura Rathe's art gallery is very beautiful in a unique little building off of Richmond Ave.  On this evening, it was full of bunnies & parrots.  Hunt Slonem was the artist of the evening.  A sit down interview, followed by a book signing in which Mr. Slonem, not  only signed each book, he drew each fan their own set of bunnies inside the front cover.  I am pretty sure I was the only one in the building who had absolutely no idea who he was, but the paintings were pretty awesome.  I was pretty inspired, if you just, DO-U, you will make some fantastic art.  

So, in conclusion; if you have $50k, you can get yourself a beautiful piece of Hunt Slonem art @ Laura Rathe Fine Art Gallery & I thoroughly enjoyed another LUXE | Houston event!