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Head Shots for your Social Media Platforms!

Photography, good photography, always, ALWAYS attracts more attention to whatever it is you are trying to market online, offline, mail, bilboards, whatever!!  Including yourself.  Head shots & portraits are a lot of fun & they should be confidence building.  I do my best to make sure you look your best.  At the moment, I don't have a full team that travels with me, doing makeup & setting up lights, bla bla.   Someday, hopefully?  Not even sure on that.  You can get some amazing shots, very easily & comfortably in your busy schedule.  I can come to you, we can stay at your home or business, go out on the town, what ever time & money allow us to do.  

I always retouch any photo that I take, in Adobe Photoshop.  I can do big changes to your face, but I probably won't do much more than smoothing & blending.  If you want a face-lift, I may not be your guy.  I think everyone is beautiful, the way you are.  I just don't think, on a personal level, that heavy alterations will ever be something I am ever interested in.  

I think, the going rate for some fancy head shots are about $1600.  You'll probably get one or two photos out of that.  I'm sure they will have some amazing lighting set-ups that I don't or some other very impressive photography equipment, that I don't.  If that is what you want & can afford, I wish you all the best, I'm sure your photos will be amazing.  Or, you can reach out to me & get a hell of a deal!

Right now, rates start at $250 per hour session.    

Matt@DownpourWebDesign.com for inquiries!

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Increase Your Boats Potential Selling Price!

With amazing photography. Eye catching photography. Make the potential buyer think that your boat has been highlighted in a recent magazine! Especially, if you have done a restoration job on your boat. You have done all the leg-work, you have put it all together, troubleshot everything, scratched your head & thrown things. Now, it’s completed. You’ve gotten what you wanted out of it & you are ready to move it to the next person, so they can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don’t make the mistake so many people make; when you have invested that much time/effort/soul in to your project, show the world the quality. Clearly, up close & in a way that they see the passion & time in your restoration. It will increase your sale price & increase inquiries. It works. That is why all high end retailers, brokers & boutiques use high quality photography. It works. The difference for you, with me, is that I make it affordable for you! I want your business today, so that I can have it tomorrow, too. My success is based on your success. I simply will do my best work, every job I do.

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