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Dominique Griffin’s Pro-Debut @ Gas Monkey | Dallas, TX

It's gonna be like the 12 days of Christmas for this fight, lol. I have enough pictures for each day leading up to the fight December 1st. Gonna be funny. Haven't done a marketing campaign like this before. It wasn't planned, I just had so many good photos from the photo session, I wanted to show them all. So, I will have to be a little creative, so they don't all look the same. Looking forward to it....

Dominique Griffin

Not all the pictures, but all of the posters I’ve made from Reno

So, I have all kinds of photos from the USA Men's Boxing Olympic Trials in Reno, NV. It was way back in December 2015. I have made a few pages & groups on Facebook, but I haven't posted all the "Posters" that I have made anywhere yet. Especially, not on my website. These are all for sale at extremely reasonable prices. I am looking to have an online store up where people can just order them straight without having to contact me & arrange price & payment, blablabla. I am going to Colorado & Montana this summer & was going to come home to build the online store to sell some of those photos anyways. So, look for that coming in the future.

But, I really enjoyed this event & making all these posters.

Jay Crenshaw Boxing Videos

Jay had a very disappointing Olympic Trials. That’s life, young man. There were a lot of win streaks that came to an end that week for a lot of fighters. Pick yourself up, you made it there. You will always have that, the rest of your life. There are plenty of wins in your future! I am looking forward to following Jay’s career.

Rocky Juarez told me the other day about Jay, “when Jay is on, I don’t think he could be beat,” “if Jay came to me & said he lost at “his best” I’d ask who it was that beat him, because he is going to be a future world champion.