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A recent photo edit that I did, learning everyday….

So, I do a wide variety of photography at the moment.  Which I love.  But, like all of my life, I never master one.  This morning I watched some videos on some techniques that I already use & I figured some new ways to match them together.  Actually, using them simultaneously.  This may not mean much to you, it's kinda photoshop talk.  But, I was able to get out of a rut, a little bit.  I hope I retain what I have learned...

Carter Lake

Meet Michael “Miguel” Wheeler of HoboKafe.com!

Michael "Miguel" Wheeler's Hobo Kafe & the GoFundMe Page <----

The website for HoboKafe.com <----

I just talked to Michael again last night, he has a friend that is in need of a possible website.  So, he reached out to me, thanks Michael.  I don't charge these guys, they are out there doing what all of us should be doing; Enriching the communities we live in.  Imagine all the people who have been there for you, keeping you from hitting bottom.  Some people weren't as fortunate as you & I.  They simply did not have those people there for them.  We forget we are no different than the people less fortunate!!!  YOU did not get where you are by yourself, don't care what anyone says.  Miguel is there for these people, as best as he can manage, his story is amazing.  

This Holiday Season, if you have $5, $0.50, show this GoFundMe page some support, I personally guarantee he gets 100% of the money, I made the account.  I guarantee that your donation will be put to work THAT WEEK!  If not that day!  This guy is relentless, amazing.  If you can help us show some activity on this page, maybe it will compel someone else to make a donation as well!  

DownpourWebDesign.com will match any donation in marketing material for HoboKafe!  Another 250 business cards on the way!!  He also got his covered trailer, so I want to be able to put some decals up on that thing, some car magnets & some bumber stickers for him!!  CMON people!  This guy is the living #HoustonStrong 365 in N. Colorado!!  Let's get people like this everything they need!!

Happy Holidays & Thank You!!

Michael "Miguel" Wheeler's Hobo Kafe & the GoFundMe Page <----

The website for HoboKafe.com <----

Michael Wheeler

Sunset at Carter Lake, Colorado

Wow!  Incredible sunset.  The pictures don't even come close to doing it justice.  I was just overwhelmed, this setting was so powerful.  The water on the lake & the different mountain ranges, varying in depth.  This would have been a great HDR.  The boaters & wakeboarders out there will remember this evening for a long time.  It was stunning.  Maybe the most moving sunset I have ever seen, or at least in recent memory.  My kids were there with me, which made it even more special as I continue trying to show them how beautiful where I grew up was & have it impact them in a way it did/does, me.  As you turn around from this spot where I took this picture, you can see DIA, Loveland area/Berthoud area, as the suns rays shine down on the cities & towns of the Front Range.  Unfortunately, my vehicle & a telephone pole were messing up the shot.  The people who live in on this lake & surrounding area are very lucky to have such amazing views, just about every night & morning.....  unreal.

sunset carter lake