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Connected Velocity Baseball Camp w/ Brent Strom & Dennis Rogers! | San Antonio, TX

What a great Saturday spent in San Antonio, my first official business in SA. Brent Strom from the Houston Astros, excuse me, World Series Champion Houston Astros. He is their Pitching Coach, so listening to some of the gamesmanship inside stories had everyone's full attention. These kids had so much one on one time with him & the other coaches, they were very lucky to know Ryan Murphy (event organizer) & catch this camp in it's infant stages. There's no way it isn't going to be huge, moving forward. So, thanks Tony Chavez of GK Boxing for the invite, looking forward to the next camp!

Houston Astros Pitching Coach

The Absaroka Mountain Range along the Yellowstone River….

If this isn't the most beautiful bench view in the United States, please, show me one better!

The Yellowstone River moving swiftly around a bend as it runs deep & heavy out of the Park towards Livingston, MT.  This area is called Paradise Valley & clearly lives up to the name.  On one side you have amazing peaks with a light dusting of snow from today's rain showers & the other side is narrow strips of farm land being irrigated by the cold waters of the river.  It is absolutely amazing views 360 degrees.

We camped just down on the river of this picture, but the bench is just sitting out there, kinda in the middle of nowhere.  Somebody needs to thank whomever thought that would be a great idea & did it, cause it was! 

Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness

Camp Gladiator’s Birthday Party @ Whole Foods | Houston, TX

Well, it's been a while since I was at the event... I think about a year, haha.  I posted the photos & even a video that I made, on their facebook group page.  They could use some better editing & a lesson learned; a member of the event looked at the photos I was showing them & mentioned they wanted the black light body paint to show up the most.  Well, I changed the way I was taking them & the quality suffered a bit.  So, just need to trust your gut sometimes.  But, I was pretty proud that I got as many photos as I did & a video.  There are some other photos, I'll try to post them soon...