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Luxe Interiors+Design | Salvador Dali – The Argillet Collection

These are some of the photos from Off the Wall Gallery, in Houston.  They were hosting a private collection of Salvador Dali artwork.  Christine Argillet has know him since a young age & i believe her father was the publisher for either all or a significant portion of Dali’s artwork.  I was personally very excited to see the display, Salvador Dali’s artwork I have always been intrigued by.  It is unique to say the least.  Here are some of the people in attendance that evening & some of the artwork mixed in with work by other artists (statues, etc...)

LUXE Interior + Design | Hunt Slonem – Laura Rathe Fine Art Gallery

What a day! I get a new camera (Nikon D7200) @ Houston Camera Exchange, then I came home to play with it a bit & got a text about a last minute photography gig. I literally took the first shutter release at the event. I was kinda scared to use it! It is the scenario where you take photos all night & get home to find that you have completely blown it! Haha. But, I did it anyway.

Laura Rathe's art gallery is very beautiful in a unique little building off of Richmond Ave.  On this evening, it was full of bunnies & parrots.  Hunt Slonem was the artist of the evening.  A sit down interview, followed by a book signing in which Mr. Slonem, not  only signed each book, he drew each fan their own set of bunnies inside the front cover.  I am pretty sure I was the only one in the building who had absolutely no idea who he was, but the paintings were pretty awesome.  I was pretty inspired, if you just, DO-U, you will make some fantastic art.  

So, in conclusion; if you have $50k, you can get yourself a beautiful piece of Hunt Slonem art @ Laura Rathe Fine Art Gallery & I thoroughly enjoyed another LUXE | Houston event!