Dominique “Dynamite” Griffin

The posters that I created for the debut of Dominique Griffin.  NOTE they do have the card of the fight the opponent backed out...  It will take some more time to change all the posters to the fight that was actually his debut.  Hmmm, lol.  I will let you know on that one if I will change them.  I may not have time to....  They are a moment in history, lol, they may stay the same in remembrance for how hard it is to get a damn fight in this game!  Adds to the story

1Boxing Dynamite











I am giving the sponsorship wholesale superfantastic discounts on these PREMIUM "Dynamite" Poster, lol.  So, please keep the prices confidential.  

There are 3 sizes; 

4x6 | 20x30 | 24x36    4x6's are small & cheap, the other two are pretty large, small change in price for the larger, pretty insignificant, so unless it is a dimension issue for where you are trying to hang it or framing, etc.  the larger is SWEET.  20x30 is oddball frame, but Walmart has simple ones that protect it & do the job.  24x36 you can find at Hobby Lobby & more variety.....  

Let me know how many you would like & sizes, I will get you a price & the transaction will be on PayPal (it's easy, secure & you don't have to have a log-in)

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