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Dominique Griffin’s Pro-Debut @ Gas Monkey | Dallas, TX

It's gonna be like the 12 days of Christmas for this fight, lol. I have enough pictures for each day leading up to the fight December 1st. Gonna be funny. Haven't done a marketing campaign like this before. It wasn't planned, I just had so many good photos from the photo session, I wanted to show them all. So, I will have to be a little creative, so they don't all look the same. Looking forward to it....

Dominique Griffin

Not all the pictures, but all of the posters I’ve made from Reno

So, I have all kinds of photos from the USA Men's Boxing Olympic Trials in Reno, NV. It was way back in December 2015. I have made a few pages & groups on Facebook, but I haven't posted all the "Posters" that I have made anywhere yet. Especially, not on my website. These are all for sale at extremely reasonable prices. I am looking to have an online store up where people can just order them straight without having to contact me & arrange price & payment, blablabla. I am going to Colorado & Montana this summer & was going to come home to build the online store to sell some of those photos anyways. So, look for that coming in the future.

But, I really enjoyed this event & making all these posters.

Joe George Jr. | Boxing & Promotion

So I love making posters.  The great thing about my enjoyment of producing collage posters is being able to cross them into marketing ideas!  

Once again, a lot of what I do is based on photography.  But, I truly am passionate about marketing & business strategy.  My dream for the work I have done is to work directly on a long term basis for 1-5 clients.  Making their business, themselves, their product, look absolutely amazing.  Everyday!  Producing social media daily, like an online magazine focused solely on “you.”  It would be incredible to see it all together after only a few months.  The online presence would be unlike any one else that is not a major corporation.

US Olympic Trials 2016 | Men’s Boxing


Welcome to my website!  These are some of the posters that I have created from the pictures that I took in Reno.  I do have a book that I have made that will be up for sale.  All these posters are for sale & are scaled to 20x30.  At the moment, I do sales over PayPal, safe & easy.  I hope that you enjoy them.

I have also made a Facebook Group to follow the careers of this Olympic Trials Cast.  Many are turning pro, if they haven't already.  So, they will be blowing through some early match-ups as they build up their professional resumes.  You can expect some great fights out of this group!

2016 US Olympic Trials | Men's Boxing

War Of Titans II

Great time!  Lighting was cool, but like often is the case; not good for photography.   I am trying to find an edit that will make the photos look a little better, then I will be rolling them out.  I did a few things different for this event, some worked out & some didn't.

I will be heading up the TITLE "Battle of the Universe" this weekend, looking forward to that!

If you ever want posters or the prints, get in contact with me.  The photos that I upload to the internet are very low resolution so that they will load quickly.  It is also so printing them will turn out as a  poor quality image.  Helps protect my work.  I don't mind the sharing of them, it's just when people go to print them....  

Here is a link to the Facebook Page I created for this event WAR OF TITANS II

Longoria Boxing Club | “Boxeo in Bryan”

Longoria Boxing Club | "Boxeo en Bryan"

Inaugural Boxing Show for Manuel Longoria (Longoria Boxing Club) on March 12th, 2016.   I would say a success, open bar, big dance floor, food, all the vendors, good seating, nice ring, ring girls & parking!  Maybe someday I'll have a ring lighting biz to bring with me, that is the only trouble I had, but it had no effect on the show or crowd enjoyment.  I actually like the dim lighting, but it is horrible for pics, haha.   Trophies & belts were given to the winners.  I would recommend trying to get on the card or going just for the show.  I have to say again, there is no difference watching females fight.  They are skilled & aggressive!  As exciting or more exciting....

El Silverado Rodeo was a great venue.

Bobby Lopez | Longoria Boxing Club

Posted by Longoria Boxing Club "Boxeo en Bryan" on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Edgar Perez | Longoria Boxing Club

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2016 Senior Houston Golden Gloves | CDM Boxing Gym

This Link shows them all the best >  2016 Houston Golden Gloves Seniors Photography

Friday night’s fights. These are just samples of all the fights that i got, I got pics from all the fights except for…

Posted by Matt Reily on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Golden Gloves Posters!

I am now posting & creating all the posters from the event. I have just about everyone’s fight, except for the early fights on Saturday. I missed a couple of the Sunday fights around the 28-32 bout range… I am posting them first to my first, just because it is easier for me to share them & have people share them. I only have the bout sheets for the weekend, but I was there on Friday. So, if you know the names of any of the kids, let me know. I like to put their names on the photos. “Like” my Facebook page! I am trying to be all the local events that I can possibly make! I can come to your gym, help you with your social media, website & improve the look of your marketing. I also do a wide variety of photography, keep me in mind; wedding, real estate, boating sales, auto sales, business, portrait, events, etc. I LOVE to do it! Get in touch with me.

DSC_0187 jorge Villareal internet

Houston Golden Gloves @ CDM Boxing (junior)

It has been a pretty exciting event so far! Narcizo Cerrato is from Baby Bull Boxing Academy in Houston off of Harrisburg on the eastside. I made a YouTube jumproping video of him a while back. Well, he is now Champion in Houston on his first event at the age of 16. First fight was very high energy & Narcizo simply outlasted his opponent in the first round. It really was set at that point the he simply needed to continue what he was doing to win, he did. The second fight, yesterday (Saturday), Narcizo entered the ring behind the loud chanting of BabyBullBoxing coaches, parents & team members. Narcizo was visible pumped up, mostly because he was able to see the BADASS 20×30 poster that I was able to put together overnight for his pops! Haha. No, he trains superhard & has great work ethic, humble & the best casting of coaches in Houston. Derwin Richards, Bianca Soto, Brian Caldwell, Juan Diaz & Rocky Juarez is always seen dropping him some knowledge in his ear. How can you beat that? Plus, being surrounded by a female Olympian & coach Ginny Fuchs, male & female pros, elite amateurs like Jay Crenshaw & his coach David Martinez.

Parents, get your kids enrolled at Baby Bull Boxing Academy! Even if you have to drive a bit, this is the best kids program for sports in Houston that I can think of!!

Obviously, the poster I gave them didn’t have my logo plastered all over it, but I left the BabyBull there & it looked pretty sweet.  The lighting wasn’t very good at all for photography….

Jay Crenshaw Boxing Videos

Jay had a very disappointing Olympic Trials. That’s life, young man. There were a lot of win streaks that came to an end that week for a lot of fighters. Pick yourself up, you made it there. You will always have that, the rest of your life. There are plenty of wins in your future! I am looking forward to following Jay’s career.

Rocky Juarez told me the other day about Jay, “when Jay is on, I don’t think he could be beat,” “if Jay came to me & said he lost at “his best” I’d ask who it was that beat him, because he is going to be a future world champion.