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New Life Here In Abilene, TX!

Abilene has some very talented photographers! I have seen some amazing pictures & websites.  I thought the photos of the house I bought were pretty nice.  It makes a difference! There is a lot of listings here in Abilene for real estate. I am eager to throw my hat in, there seems to be plenty of room. I also, am very eager to work with some of the local interior design talent, custom home builders, custom cabinet builders, flooring, home gardening, etc!

I am really anxious to get some new projects started, with some of my new equipment & techniques I have been polishing. I have been super busy with life issues, I'm looking forward to being able to focus on work again!!


design photographer

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Some photos I’ve been fiddling with…. life has been crazy!

I have left Houston...  Very sad for me & my family.  It's all my kids have ever known & it has tied for the longest I have ever lived in one city.  So, it really did feel like home.  Unfortunately, we were looking at apartment living in our future & we just aren't down with that anymore.  Real estate is insane in Houston.  In my neighborhood there is a street that floods, like EVERY year.  It doesn't take much.  Ummm.... $325k, I was like "whaaaa?"  Absurd.  I ain't tryna be commuting the rest of my life, I just can't do the trek into the city, life.  So, by amazing grace, we have landed in Abilene, TX.  Life is just crazy.  I can't explain it, someday, I really think I have book material now.  I had some good material before, but now, I think I have NY Times Best Seller quality.  I love it here, more & more.  Has it's ups & downs, but yo, there ain't no traffic here.  There ain't no lines here & there ain't no humidity...  but dry air is killing my lungs, dusty.

Anyway, here's some pics.  Some I worked hard on, some I just take out the camera just about...

churches in Abilene

Connected Velocity Baseball Camp w/ Brent Strom & Dennis Rogers! | San Antonio, TX

What a great Saturday spent in San Antonio, my first official business in SA. Brent Strom from the Houston Astros, excuse me, World Series Champion Houston Astros. He is their Pitching Coach, so listening to some of the gamesmanship inside stories had everyone's full attention. These kids had so much one on one time with him & the other coaches, they were very lucky to know Ryan Murphy (event organizer) & catch this camp in it's infant stages. There's no way it isn't going to be huge, moving forward. So, thanks Tony Chavez of GK Boxing for the invite, looking forward to the next camp!

Houston Astros Pitching Coach

A recent photo edit that I did, learning everyday….

So, I do a wide variety of photography at the moment.  Which I love.  But, like all of my life, I never master one.  This morning I watched some videos on some techniques that I already use & I figured some new ways to match them together.  Actually, using them simultaneously.  This may not mean much to you, it's kinda photoshop talk.  But, I was able to get out of a rut, a little bit.  I hope I retain what I have learned...

Carter Lake

Luxe Interiors+Design | Salvador Dali – The Argillet Collection

These are some of the photos from Off the Wall Gallery, in Houston.  They were hosting a private collection of Salvador Dali artwork.  Christine Argillet has know him since a young age & i believe her father was the publisher for either all or a significant portion of Dali’s artwork.  I was personally very excited to see the display, Salvador Dali’s artwork I have always been intrigued by.  It is unique to say the least.  Here are some of the people in attendance that evening & some of the artwork mixed in with work by other artists (statues, etc...)

Tynewood Showcase & Luxe Interior+Design

Another great event that I was invited to take pics for.  I get all of the structural shots, usually in a 30 - 60 minute window, so they aren't optimal shots all the time.  But, I love doing them & occasionally they will make their way into the magazine.  Mostly, I am there for the party & pictures of the guests.  I enjoy doing both & I am very happy for every opportunity (Carol Lamadrid @ Luxe Interior+Design)!

tynewood showcase

tynewood showcase magazine

houston home show

staircase in piney point villages

art in houston

hunt slonem art in a home

greenwood king properties Luxe interior+Design event bailey vermillion

audi central houston Vieux antiques interiors art

maggie vermillion interiors by bailey vermillion magge vermillion bailey vermillion greenwood king properties Taft McWhorter & Courtney Robertson feliz interiors

Laura Rathe Fine Art Piney Point Village

Dominique Griffin’s Pro-Debut @ Gas Monkey | Dallas, TX

It's gonna be like the 12 days of Christmas for this fight, lol. I have enough pictures for each day leading up to the fight December 1st. Gonna be funny. Haven't done a marketing campaign like this before. It wasn't planned, I just had so many good photos from the photo session, I wanted to show them all. So, I will have to be a little creative, so they don't all look the same. Looking forward to it....

Dominique Griffin

Meet Michael “Miguel” Wheeler of!

Michael "Miguel" Wheeler's Hobo Kafe & the GoFundMe Page <----

The website for <----

I just talked to Michael again last night, he has a friend that is in need of a possible website.  So, he reached out to me, thanks Michael.  I don't charge these guys, they are out there doing what all of us should be doing; Enriching the communities we live in.  Imagine all the people who have been there for you, keeping you from hitting bottom.  Some people weren't as fortunate as you & I.  They simply did not have those people there for them.  We forget we are no different than the people less fortunate!!!  YOU did not get where you are by yourself, don't care what anyone says.  Miguel is there for these people, as best as he can manage, his story is amazing.  

This Holiday Season, if you have $5, $0.50, show this GoFundMe page some support, I personally guarantee he gets 100% of the money, I made the account.  I guarantee that your donation will be put to work THAT WEEK!  If not that day!  This guy is relentless, amazing.  If you can help us show some activity on this page, maybe it will compel someone else to make a donation as well! will match any donation in marketing material for HoboKafe!  Another 250 business cards on the way!!  He also got his covered trailer, so I want to be able to put some decals up on that thing, some car magnets & some bumber stickers for him!!  CMON people!  This guy is the living #HoustonStrong 365 in N. Colorado!!  Let's get people like this everything they need!!

Happy Holidays & Thank You!!

Michael "Miguel" Wheeler's Hobo Kafe & the GoFundMe Page <----

The website for <----

Michael Wheeler

BHE – Special Friend’s Day 2017!

Special Friend's Day

YES!  This is where you can get you digital image from the event.  It was a lot of fun, I was caught off guard at the very beginning, lol.  But, the day smoothed out & I was able to set up some of the equipment as the morning went along.

Some of the kids I drove on the Bus last year, so it was a lot of fun seeing some old friends!

The webpage is up & you do need the password to view the photos!  The password should work as long as Google is alive & kicking, but I will take down the webpage eventually (30 days or so).

Thanks again BHE for having me, have a great year!

This is the front side of my new business cards.....FINALLY.  Haha.  I have been using the same business cards that I made, like 5 years ago.  I printed a 1000 (of the old ones), didn't even have the right website on them.  Although, I like the picture on them, it was one of my best.  Taken at the Kemah Boardwalk with my little S1 camera.  Sometimes I think, "I have come so far..."  really, I've barely moved an inch.  I stir like crazy, though.  

Business Card for Matt Reily