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Life started in the Montana Rocky Mtns, then the Colorado Rockies, mix Florida, VA Beach, Dallas, Houston & now Abilene, TX....  that's my past as far as where I have lived.  I have enjoyed sports my whole life.  I was very fortunate to go to a school that had ski lessons, which was awesome.  I basically, just consumed all my time playing sports.  It evolved into various different types of sports as my interests changed & my social life changed.  Mind you, this is all back when video camera owners were scarce & a good photographer?  Um, I didn't know any.  I actually video taped a couple of my friends snowboarding in Breckenridge, CO with my Hi8 Sony camcorder & all it did was frustrate me.  I could video tape, so much better than my friends, lol.  I would ride along next to them & following them, I was good.  I did that when I dislocated my elbow & couldn't ride the way I wanted to anymore.  I have one day of recordings in my possession & it was terribly recorded & it was icey as hell that day on the mountain.... so, whatever.  The one good picture that I had, was in Vail snowboard park, when it was the premier park in the country (1998).  My friends & I submitted the photos for our HS yearbook, they "couldn't" use them because they didn't believe it was us.  The photo was never returned to me....  It was a beautiful picture, too (for a disposable camera).

My photography career started, I guess, when I was a motorcycle mechanic (Japanese) in DFW, TX.  I took some photos of bikes I worked on & some of the nice bikes that came through.  I really do love motorcycling, I just was very dangerous when I rode them.  I took pictures when visiting Lisbon, Portugal when my wife received "President's Club" with her then employer, Essilor of America.  That was with a small Nikon Coolpix, point & shoot.  I took that same camera to Cozumel, Punta Mita & Cabo San Lucas.  It turned out some really great pictures!  Some of my favorites, still.  I had kids & it just got more & more exciting for me.  I started to mess with Adobe Photoshop programs & I am fully addicted now.

A while back, I picked up an online mentor, Spyros Heniadis, through YouTube & he taught me just about everything I know.  Nowadays, Glenn Johnson,  an extremely talented, high end architectural photographer, who has been taking photos since the Inquisition, gives me a lot of support in many ways.  I get to pick his brain & he has given me some amazing equipment!  Yes, given.   So, thanks Glenn.  I will have a link hopefully to his website, it is as good as it gets folks.  GlennJohnsonPhotography.com

I do kids photos to adult professional photos.  Commercial events & personal events.  Interior, Exterior & Design project photography.  Sports, small business marketing & I love making posters!    

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