BHE – Special Friend’s Day 2017!

Special Friend's Day

YES!  This is where you can get you digital image from the event.  It was a lot of fun, I was caught off guard at the very beginning, lol.  But, the day smoothed out & I was able to set up some of the equipment as the morning went along.

Some of the kids I drove on the Bus last year, so it was a lot of fun seeing some old friends!

The webpage is up & you do need the password to view the photos!  The password should work as long as Google is alive & kicking, but I will take down the webpage eventually (30 days or so).

Thanks again BHE for having me, have a great year!

This is the front side of my new business cards.....FINALLY.  Haha.  I have been using the same business cards that I made, like 5 years ago.  I printed a 1000 (of the old ones), didn't even have the right website on them.  Although, I like the picture on them, it was one of my best.  Taken at the Kemah Boardwalk with my little S1 camera.  Sometimes I think, "I have come so far..."  really, I've barely moved an inch.  I stir like crazy, though.  

Business Card for Matt Reily

Head Shots for your Social Media Platforms!

Photography, good photography, always, ALWAYS attracts more attention to whatever it is you are trying to market online, offline, mail, bilboards, whatever!!  Including yourself.  Head shots & portraits are a lot of fun & they should be confidence building.  I do my best to make sure you look your best.  At the moment, I don't have a full team that travels with me, doing makeup & setting up lights, bla bla.   Someday, hopefully?  Not even sure on that.  You can get some amazing shots, very easily & comfortably in your busy schedule.  I can come to you, we can stay at your home or business, go out on the town, what ever time & money allow us to do.  

I always retouch any photo that I take, in Adobe Photoshop.  I can do big changes to your face, but I probably won't do much more than smoothing & blending.  If you want a face-lift, I may not be your guy.  I think everyone is beautiful, the way you are.  I just don't think, on a personal level, that heavy alterations will ever be something I am ever interested in.  

I think, the going rate for some fancy head shots are about $1600.  You'll probably get one or two photos out of that.  I'm sure they will have some amazing lighting set-ups that I don't or some other very impressive photography equipment, that I don't.  If that is what you want & can afford, I wish you all the best, I'm sure your photos will be amazing.  Or, you can reach out to me & get a hell of a deal!

Right now, rates start at $250 per hour session. for inquiries!

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executive administrator

Commercial Photography

Not really stepping into a new world, here.  I have always enjoyed architectural photography.  I enjoy working with the photos in Photoshop.  Based out of the Houston area, real estate properties & designer projects are my interests.  As well as product photography.  I guess I should say, all aspects of business, photography.  Commercial Photography.

commercial photographer

Electric Peak, MT | elev. 10,968ft

This is the view that I grew up with. Then, it was Long’s Peak (Twin Peaks) as I grew older. Been so spoiled with magnificent views my whole childhood. It really effected me. Possibly, the leading determining factor in why I am who I am. That is saying a lot, you know, God & all. But, the landscape is God, so… Just seeing sunrise/sunset/storms/clear skies/night skies/snow capped/dry…… what a beautiful thing to behold everyday of a young life. I love the mountains.

Electric Peak Mountain

Grand Prismatic Spring | Oil Painting

Not sure how these are viewing on your screen, all digital devices are different, or can be. I am going to print these this afternoon to check them out. I made them with canvas style prints in mind, hopefully paper looks good too. Stay tuned! Enjoying messing around with the effects on photoshop. These are not just simply applying the setting & walking away. I used multiple layers, varying the brush settings, blending them together & altering colors, etc.
Yellowstone Park

The View in My First Oil Paint from Big Sky Ski Resort….

Panorama of 4 photos 1×3 format. Oil Painted in Photoshop. I haven’t had a computer that was fast enough to do any effects, so this is my first oil painting in photoshop… I didn’t just oil paint the whole thing the same & call it good, there are many layers & variations to the entire composition. Which is a lot of fun & time for me. I think it makes it pop a little more!! Want a copy? Cheapish, i’ll even do canvas for you!

Big Sky Chairlift

Alejandro Guerrero & Martinez Boxing

Great opportunity to do some more boxing photography & make a little hype video, lol. I don’t do much more than this with videos, so it is what it is! I don’t have the right software to do much more & I really don’t care to be super fantastic at it. I like putting music to it & doing them as quick as possible…

Alejandro will be on the undercard for Broner vs Garcia on Showtime July 29th, 2017! Going for 4-0 3KO haha.

David Martinez always trying to do the best he can for his fighters, we have put together some pretty good campaigns over the last couple years. Look for more upcoming as I try to get my feet on the ground as a photographer around Houston.

Alejandro Guerrero Boxing